We Deliver Excellent IT Service Our value proposition is simple. We proactively monitor and maintain your devices, servers, and network to secure your revenue through business continuity.
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Evaluate IT Support With Just Four Questions



How is your IT service contract structured? Is there anything that you’re charged extra for?



Does your IT provider charge any type of on-boarding fee to get started? if so, How much?



Are you charged project fees, labor for system upgrades, office moves, or installing new equipment?



Does your monthly IT services fee go up AND down based on you needs? How so?


What Clients Are Saying

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We have seen reduced downtime and reduced ticket response time since we started using the Up N Runnin helpdesk. On our server upgrade project, Up N Runnin Computers developed a well-researched, state-of-the-art plan that was the best fit for JQ. The on-site staff is stable, reducing the need for continued knowledge transfer between technicians.

John Hoenig, Jaster-Quintanilla Engineering

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Since we began working with the managed service provider Up N Runnin Computers we have experienced a tremendous improvement in expertise and service. Our transition was seamless and completely painless. I feel 100% confident in Up N Runnin Computers’s ability to do the job right and communicate when necessary, in a timely fashion. For the first time in years, I feel at ease with the quality, maintenance and reliability of our IT service

Tracy McCoy, Director of Business Operations Haas Petroleum Engineering Services, Inc.

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There are lots of IT management companies, so client service is the distinguishing factor for me. Up N Runnin’s knowledge and service has been outstanding. We worked with them on a complete overhaul of our existing IT infrastructure and I have complete confidence that it is the right system for our firm.

Tom Scott, Jaster-Quintanilla, LLP

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Up N Runnin Computers a MSP, handles our IT needs and takes care of our company as if it were their own.

Shane Galford, IT Manager Reliant Worldwide Plastics